“Mended, Not Discarded” (evidence of repair)


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Most of the white was gone.
Most of the blue had faded.
Most of the red was torn to shreds.
The American flag could have been respectfully burned or buried. To me, these options felt like giving up; repair offered a better choice.

I mended this flag using bits of old fabric I had collected for their unique designs and beautiful patterns. Fabrics respected for their strengths and textures. Fabrics made by and machine for many different initial uses. These now have become part of my beautiful, refurbished flag.

My thoughts, while mending, turned to our Nation. To me, the mending of “my” flag came to symbolize the mending of “my” country…. one stitch, one patch, one embellishment at a time.

Additional information

Dimensions 60 × 36 in

Artist Name: Catherine Michel

Date Created: 6/15/22