Hail the Earth Mother


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Hail the Earth Mother is a small hanging shrine to Mother Earth/Gaia/Nerthus or whatever name you prefer. It is created from reclaimed locust wood from an industrial site. Wood that looks cracked and overly aged on the exterior can hide stunning quality wood underneath, if you take the time to do a bit of planing and sanding. On it I woodburned a woman representing the Earth Mother, seated crosslegged and nude, colored selectively in watercolors. Below her is a shelf with a copper cone, once part of an industrial plasma cutter, intended for use as an incense burner.

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Dimensions 2.625 × 10 in

Artist Name: Christine Hoffman

Instagram: @Hoffman_haus_creations

Facebook: https://facebook.com/hoffmanhauscreations

Date Created: 3/20/23