Echoing Triptych


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Measurements listed are the when the journal is opened.
Mediums: papers, plastics including but not limited to Security Billing Envelopes, discarded flyers, paper curtains, old birthday cards, plastic single use shopping bags, outdated calendars, hand pulled paper made from harassing bills, discarded printed printer paper, magazines, sushi dividers, instructional manuals, destined for the garbage art books, single use product packaging, etc.

This art piece is made with the intentions of continuing use, inspiring the user to gather and add their own found object to this journal.
Each page was made with curiosity in mind, each page has multiple layers of paper to flip and explore to add more and more depth to each “entry” of the journal.
I was inspired by the simple but beautiful visual rhythm of the inside of security mailers, as seen on the cover of the journal itself.

Additional information

Dimensions 16.25 × 10 in

Artist Name: Atlas Wooster

Instagram: @LepidoliteAutumn


Date Created: 3/23/23